$499.00 USD


SYR Live Event General Admission

***EARLY BIRD PRICING! This price will go up!!!


  • Access To Saturday and Sunday SYR Live Event 
  • Access to Private Facebook community for connection before and after event
  • Blessed AF Shirt 
  • Access to 7 day Heal to Manifest Challenge to kickstart your healings before the event 


What People Are Saying:

This event changed everything for me. How I see myself, my kids, my family. 30 years of healing in 3 days is no joke! I released years of pent up old energy! My wife and I connected on levels we didn't even know were possible! The only thing I can say is GET HERE! This will change your life!

Mike W

This was the most life changing experience I have ever had. I felt one with God and everything. Getting this healing work done, I had my first 5 figure month, lost 20 pounds and have been creating my dream business! This work has changed me on every level of my life. Truly, these words do not do it justice. You have to experience this energy work for yourself.

Kelsey G